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Author Jodee Harris


Jodee grew up in a family of witches. Ok, not really, she grew up in a family of teachers. Women who loved to tell her the stories of their lives and the tales that had been told to them as they grew up. Strong women who weren’t afraid to shoot a snake while berry picking, or out run marauding Indians back to Fort Ligonier. The most amazing story was of her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother who defied her father and risked her own life, laying her head atop the handsome Englishman just as he was about to be executed! That ancestor was magical, Jodee just knew it. That Magic, the magic of telling a good story, runs through her veins.She weaves these stories in rural Southwestern Pennsylvania, where her family has lived for over two centuries, along with her daughter Piper, husband Michael, and four cats. One of which is the mythical Bayun.

Author Piper Harris


Piper’s childhood was filled with magic. She was raised on Disney movies, fairy tales, and magical worlds like Hogwarts and Narnia. She learned from a very young age that the world was not all that it seemed. She could feel other people’s emotions and pain. As she grew older, she found her empathy and intuition. She could sense things, know things, she had no proof of. When she and Jodee began working on the Okehaven Series, she became very attached to the characters. She experienced their story right along with them. Jodee often asked her, “Would Janie say that?” It is her hope that the truth of magic, and its presence in everyone, can be taught to people all over the world. She wants the next generation to grow up the same way she did, believing in magic.

Why We Write

Jodee and Piper are a mother daughter writing team. While traveling they began to discuss the hidden magical world just beyond where the mundane humans are able to see. On one of these trips it was decided that they needed to write down the story to share. That moment brought them to the magical world of Okehaven. Together they collaborate to craft elaborate stories and spin mysterious coming of age adventures inspired by their favorite conspiracies, historic plot holes, and events of their own life. The Lost Colony of Roanoke always interested the two, creating a perfect base for their story of magical colonization in the “New World”. For years Piper and Jodee traveled to Colonial Williamsburg. It’s unique balance of modern world and historic life, inspired them to use the area as their setting, their own story mirroring the convergence of history and contemporary. They prove to the reader that everyone has their own special magic waiting to be shared. This is their first book series together.


What a wonderful new voice in young adult fantasy! Jodee and Piper Harris give us a young, vulnerable girl on the ride of her life when she enters the ancient Craft Archives and discovers her family’s secrets. And then off to the Okehaven School of Magic where her witchery education begins in earnest. Harry Potter fans will adore this story!

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