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What if the lost colony of Roanoke wasn’t lost? What if they were people of magic that fled from England to protect magical spell pages? Pages that are being guarded to this very day. Okehaven and the Return of the Archer Witches follows Janie Evans, a seemingly normal, albeit bright, young girl as she untangles the mystery surrounding her eighteenth-century ancestor, Constance Jane Archer, the last Archer witch. The more Janie looks for answers, the deeper into a labyrinth of secrets, betrayal, and intrigue she travels. Like A Discovery of Witches, TV’s Nancy Drew or Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Janie must find the answers that will shape her future and change everything.

The more Janie looks for answers, the deeper into a labyrinth of secrets, betrayal, and intrigue she travels.

About the Authors

Jodee and Piper are a mother daughter writing team. While traveling they began to discuss the hidden magical world just beyond where the mundane humans are able to see. On one of these trips it was decided that they needed to write down the story to share. That moment brought them to the magical world of Okehaven.

What readers are saying

Young Janie and her furry familiar lead readers into not only an exciting world of magic and intrigue, but through a rich and enticing historical journey. When Janie finds mystical relics of the past in her attic, it's a secret door at the library that might contain the answers she's looking for. Okehaven and the Return of the Archer Witches ignites the curiosity that lives inside of all of us, and ultimately reminds us of the power we sometimes forget we have. It is a story of generational love, but also a story of deep self-discovery that will inspire girls everywhere to keep seeking and uncovering the magic already within them.
A beautifully written and witty tale, combining actual history with a wondrous enchanted world. I’m questioning reality, waiting for the fantasy to continue.”
Jeffrey Michaels​
Recording Artist

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  1. I absolutely loved the excerpt, I cannot wait to read more! Janie’s story pulled me in and left me wondering what’s next for her, the mysterious cat and what could be behind the secret library door. As a lover of history, this book is a perfect balance between fantasy and fact.

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